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Homework for today is:

Monday- No homework, Test Friday over pages 776-794. Study guide available in class

Tuesday- Today we learned about the first movies with sound (Talkies) no homework, test Friday.

Wednesday- Today we learned about the Scopes Monkey Trial. No homework, test Friday over p. 796-794

Thursday-Today we reviewed for tomorrow's test. No homework

Friday- Test day

Click  here if you want to see the homework for the rest of the team!


To read the book online click here and type in 24 plus your first and last name (for example: 24johndoe) as the Username and the password is "Flyers2019!"

Websites we use in class

Quizzes and websites used in class

Spirit of St. Louis virtual tour of inside the plane

1920's quiz

1920's quiz #2

Henry Ford quiz

Scopes Trial quiz

Harlem Renaissance quiz

Charles Lindbergh video clip

Henry Ford

Model A Ford

Ford Model 999 race car

Henry Ford racing video

Henry Ford assembly line video

Ford model T

Prohibition videos

Flappers video

Next week we will start a new unit over the Great Depression