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Homework for today is:

Monday- Today we learned about the start of the war and WW1 trenches. No homework

Tuesday- Today we started to learn about the new technology of WW1. We focused on rifles, machine guns  and artillery.  No homework

Wednesday- Today we learned about planes in WW1. No homework

Thursday-Today we learned about Zeppelines, Submarines and we started to learn about WW1 tanks. No homework

Friday- No school

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To read the book online click here and type in 24 plus your first and last name (for example: 24johndoe) as the Username and the password is "Flyers2019!"

Websites we use in class

Quizzes and websites used in class

WW1 submarines video

WW1 dogfight video

Why we fight in trenches video

WW1 rifle video

WW1 Machine gun pictures and info

WW1 machine guns video

WW1 artillery pictures and info.

WW1 artillery video


 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand video


This week we will learning about WW1 technology