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  The famous gum cup history- Saving teeth one piece of gum at a time!

In years past, Mr. Rheinecker used to use a plastic cups to collect gum. After collecting the gum Mr. Rheinecker would always leave the cup on his cabinet under the phone. (just as he does today!) However, most days the custodian would through the cup away. So, every day Mr. Rheinecker had to get a new cup to collect gum.

Legend has it that it wasn't the custodian who threw the cup away! Students would ask where the cup was only to hear Mr. Rheinecker complain that he needed to find another. This went on for the whole 2000-2001 school year. At the end of that school year, the students felt so sorry for Mr. Rheinecker that they held a collection and bought this famous container and a box of baggies to go with it and even enscribed it as the "Gum Receptacle". Team 7A students presented this cup to him on the last day of the school year that year. And now students who come back to visit always ask to see the gum cup. The Legend was born!



Current view of the gum cup as of 8-27-14