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Homework for today is:

Monday- Today we started work on the license plate project (Due Wednesday) and started to learn about Gutzon Borglum (Mt. Rushmore sculptor). 

Tuesday- Today we finished learning about Mt. Rushmore and started to learn about Theordore Roosevelt as a child. Homework-License plate project due tomorrow.

Wednesday- Today we read out of a Teddy Roosevelt magazine. Homework- Create a 15 event timeline of TR due tomorrow.

Thursday- Today we learned about TR's life from age 5 until 25. No homework


Click  here if you want to see the homework for the rest of the team!


To read the book online click here and type in 24 plus your first and last name (for example: 24johndoe) as the Username and the password is "Flyers2019!"

Websites we use in class

Quizzes and websites used in class

 Current state license plates website #1

TR moves to North Dakota video

TR's wife dies and then moves to North Dakota video


This week we will be learning about Teddy Roosevelt before he was president