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Homework for today is:

Monday- Today we worked on the 2nd draft of the DBQ essay and revised it again. Homework- Final DBQ essay due tomorrow.

Tuesday- Today we collected the DBQ essays and started a new unit on the 1950's. No homework

Wednesday- Today we learned about the start of the Cold War. We focused NATO vs. the Warsaw Pact. Homework-Cold War w/s

Thursday- Today we learned about the Chinese Civil War and the difference between China and Taiwan. Homework-complete Communist governments w/s

Friday- Today we learned about the Korean War. Homework-complete Korean War w/s from class.

Click  here if you want to see the homework for the rest of the team!


To read the book online click here and type in 24 plus your first and last name (for example: 24johndoe) as the Username and the password is "Flyers2018!"

Websites we use in class

Quizzes and websites used in class

 Berlin Blockade video

This week we will start learning about the Cold War and the 1950's