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Homework for today is:

Monday-Today we learned about the Berlin Wall and JFK's speech at the wall. 

Tuesday-Today we learned about the Cuban Missile Crisis

Wednesday- Today we learned about the JFK assassination

Thursday- Last day of school- we will learn who killed JFK and how they did it. click here to join the lesson at 9:00am


Click  here if you want to see the homework for the rest of the team!


To read the book online click here and type in 24 plus your first and last name (for example: 24johndoe) as the Username and the password is "Flyers2019!"

Websites we use in class

Quizzes and websites used in class

Single bullet theory explained

Jack Ruby shoots Oswald video

JFK conspiriacy theory video

5 revelations from JFK files

JFK arrives in Dallas video

President Johnson being sworn in video with Mrs. Kennedy

Parkland movie trailer

Dealy Plaza picture

Building the Berlin Wall video

JFK at the Berlin Wall video

Bay of Pigs Invasion video

Nixon JFK debate video

JFK inaugural address

Greensboro Sit In video

This week we will learn about JFK's presidency.